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Having an Unbreakable Family means you have the time and freedom to create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Struggling with communication? Discover practical tips and insights to bring peace and organization to your home.

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I've Been Where You Are. 

Parenting is hard work, when you work as hard as you do at it, you want to know it's going to work! 

Doing it wrong is hard. Building an unbreakable family is hard.  Both take time and effort. Which hard do you want to do?

I remember that moment looking around my house with random messes feeling like I wasn't in control of my own home.  

I was exhausted. I just wanted a happier home with less stress and upsets. 

The turning point was putting in structure.  There was a lot of trial and error.  

I made the mistakes and figured it out. I then tested these strategies with the families in my school, friends and even total strangers!

My purpose is to give you tools to use so that you can create a structured, strong family that lasts throughout the generations to come.  That is an Unbreakable Family. 

Did you know that a family, historically, is the strongest group?

They can make you or they can break you.


"You are seriously brilliant when it comes to this kid thing.

You get where moms are struggling and needing help. Your questions are excellent,  if the aim is to get people thinking -- they are definitely thought provoking." 






"I’ve known Sunny for well over 15 years. We met while she was the principal of an elementary school my son attended. Her encouragement, confidence, and belief that my son was going to do great things set the bar for me to believe this too.  And he has!  She helped us both a lot and was always a trustworthy person to bounce things off with no judgement." 

- A.C.




"I’m not sure how many people remember their first grade teachers, let alone think about them throughout their lives as they reach the various milestones from adolescence to adulthood, but I am in fact one of those people. My first grade teacher was Sunny Jensen. The care and respect she had for all her students was evident, and you really had the sense that there was nothing else she would rather be doing than ensuring us kids had the knowledge we would need to navigate life." -D.G

There are too many opinions going around that do not serve you.  For every family there is a version of parenting. 

Let's find yours...

Hello! I'm Sunny Jensen

I have been helping families for over 25 years.  I am a retired principal and teacher, married for over 32 years and mother of two incredible (grown up) boys.

Now, I am a family coach. 

My purpose is to help you build a strong foundation so that you can have an unbreakable family. 



In this FREE guide you can follow 4 simple steps to getting your kids off screen time without losing it.  

I want you to have every tool possible to achieve success in your home! In this guide you get...

🧰 Four simple strategies that you will gain for your parent tool box.

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